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GeekPwn 2018 World Champions

This past two months I worked with a team of other researchers from my lab to compete in the GeekPwn Robot Agent Challenge in Shanghai, China. We worked extremely hard to create the best platform for the challenge, and we learned a lot along the way. This past week, we flew to Shanghai and competed in the finals for the challenge. We were the first team to go, and we had a bunch of Chinese news cameras recording our every move. It was extremely stressful, but such a fun experience. In the end, we ended up winning the challenge and being crowned the 2018 World Champions of the GeekPwn Robot Agent Challenge. I would like to thank the GeekPwn organizing committee for supporting our team's travel to the competition, and the amazing opportunity to compete in this challenge. Below is a photo of our team in the challenge. Pictures and information on the competition can be seen here.

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