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ARToolkit Coordinate Tracking

ARToolkit is an SDK that gives developers the ability to program Augmented Reality applications. ARToolkit uses the core of OpenCV for edge detection of markers that are placed in view of a camera. ARToolkit gives the ability to track these markers fairly accurately on the screen, and then animations or images can be put onto these markers using OpenGL. ARToolkit's ability to accurately track markers makes it perfect for tracking the position of objects. Using ARToolkit, I have created a program that is able to track the real-world coordinates of multiple markers at a time. These coordinates are interpreted relatively, giving this program strong capabilities for object tracking in enclosed environments. This especially has potential use for applications of robotic navigation, as it can give robots without strong sensing capability the ability to detect obstacles and targets in a controlled setting. Here is a video demonstrating the real-time tracking of multiple markers in a relative coordinate system. For more information on how this program works, visit my tutorial.

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