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BFS & DFS Navigation with Robotino

Breadth-first Search and Depth-first Search both have useful applications for navigation in environments where obstacles are already known, and static. Robotino is a very good platform to implement these methods due to its ease of movement (holonomic motion), and programming capabilities with ROS. In order to implement BFS and DFS in ROS, a package needs to be created that communicates with the main robotino_node ROS package. This package will consist of several classes that will create a grid, place the known obstacles into their locations on the grid, perform a BFS/DFS through the grid looking for the Target node (end point), and then follow the path using the Robotino's odometry node. Here is a video demonstrating the DFS with Robotino. For more infromation on implementing BFS & DFS onto a robot such as Robotino, visit my tutorial.

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